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Complaints Procedure

It is rare we receive complaints, but to provide our clients with the best service we nevertheless have a complaint procedure which you can find below. We take complaints very seriously and if your having to make a complaint you should read the below to ensure you complaint is dealt with efficiently and resolved.

1. Making a Complaint

1.1. Write to LA Lettings, First Floor, Front Offices, Nightingale House, Crawley, RH10 6AE via 1st class recorded delivery addressed to the director(s) or you may e-mail info@lalettings.org/demo making such e-mail for the attention of the director(s). LA Lettings will not accept any other method of service in relation to a complaint.

1.2. In your written complaint, you must include:

a) Set out the reasons for your complaint,
b) Providing particularised details about the reasons for your complaint,
c) Confirm the person(s) who you wish to complain about; and
d) The date(s) that you acknowledged an issue.

1.3. You must make all reasonable attempts to ensure you complaint reaches us within good time and sent to us in the mode(s) prescribed in clause 1.1. above.

1.4. Make a complaint as soon as is practicable from the date you acknowledged an issue you wished to complain about.

1.5. You should always make a complaint directly to us before consulting the Property Ombudsmen as it is highly likely we can resolve any issues you may have.

2. Receiving Your Complaint

2.1. Once we receive a complaint by the mode(s) prescribed in clause 1.1. we will respond to you by post or e-mail setting out when we will review the complaint which will be within 21 days of receiving your complaint.

2.2. Subject to clause 1.1. we will acknowledge any issues which have resulted in your complaint and launch an internal investigation, within the meaning of clause 3 below, in accordance with the issues you notify us of.

2.3. Our response will acknowledge the issues of concern resulting in your complaint and disclose to you by any written method what investigation was carried out, our findings and position and what our decision will be in relation to your complaint.

2.4. If you remain unhappy to our decision, you may ask for a review within 14 days of our final decision; if you request this by the mode(s) prescribed in clause 1.1. we will review our final decision. To enable this, you must provide further information as to why you think our final decision was wrong.

2.5. We will take any complaints made very seriously to ensure we uphold our reputation and provide customer satisfaction.

3. Internal Investigations

3.1. An internal investigation is a procedure we use to determine if any complaint made by a client or prospective client is reasonable and fair. Because we provide a large variety of services the investigation process can vary.

3.2. The director(s) will carry out an investigation or delegate an investigation to a senior member of staff to be carried out.

3.3. An internal investigation shall review and monitor the conduct of any person(s) directly employed by LA Lettings if the complaint relates to any person(s) employed by us. This will assist us continue provide an outstanding service and ensure our staff comply with our comprehensive code of practice.

3.4. Any monitoring of person(s) conduct shall cease when the person(s) carry out the monitoring is satisfied the monitoring is no longer needed or has made decision in relation to their findings.

3.5. An internal investigation will review the services provided to you and cross reference with our terms and conditions of business if the complaint relates to a service provided to you by us.

3.6. An internal investigation may also review an advertisement which we have published if your complaint relates to an advertisement published by us.

3.7. In principal, an internal investigation shall be carried out only by a senior member of staff who shall seek to review and monitor services provided by us to you and the conduct of employees and any other thing that may be relevant to your complaint.

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